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Making your advertising stick like glue with Mnemonics

Who is the king of beers? What restaurant has the golden arches? What car company is “The Heart beat of America”? How do you spell relief?
Why are these simple things so ingrained into our conscience and how can we make our advertising be so easily remembered? You can say these are effective brands, but what makes them stick.



Is it copy right infringement or not?

Can I use this song in my advertising? How many notes do I have to change for it to be considered original and not illegally copying that smash-hit, number-one song in the music charts? Being in the musical jingle business, I get a lot of calls from advertising agencies asking me if I can create a jingle for them that sounds just like such and such song by so and so. They then ask me if I can change it enough that it is not subject to copy right infringement. I get asked this quite a bit and have had to give the same answer to so many agencies that I figured there might be more agencies and businesses out there asking the same question.