who we are and what we do

We creates musical jingles, logos and identities for radio and television advertising to increase the recall of your message and  create top of the mind awareness over your competition, assisting you in becoming a house hold name.

We will create the slogan ideas from the information you give us or work with the ideas you already have. We record the ruff ideas into a demonstration for your approval and make changes from your input until it is right. We will mix different versions of 60, 30, 15 ,10 and 5 to 7 seconds cuts and master them to national broadcast quality for instant down load and burn them to compact disc.with table of contents for easy reference. We also keep the original session material from the recordings on files for any future needs.

We are a company that prides itself on personal attention. No jingle project is too big or too small. We will never skimp on production quality but offer jingle packages for about any size business and budget. We will work directly with you on getting the key information to find what would work best for you and your needs, create the ideas and consult with you on how to get the most out of your jingle package. Our jingles are custom created but we do offer jingle packages from our music library that can be re-sung and used in a non competing market to assist with a limited budget. We can create the jingle identity alone or create the entire commercial for you.

We work to be an asset to advertising agenciesWe have promotions for radio, television and cable stations and are accessible directly to businesses that prefer to market their company them selves.

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    An advertisement is remembered up to 45% better if it has a  musical jingle in it than an advertisement that does not was discovered in a study on the effectiveness of advertising done by the Journal of Advertising. 

We might not remember what was said in the ad but we will always remember the catchy jingle 

We can remember jingles even if it has been years since we have heard them last!


Michael Beardmore is the founder and lead producer of The Jingle Company. He has worked with leading music industry record producers in Hollywood Ca. Michael's peers include successful gold and platinum record producers of artists such as Stevie Wonder, Glen Frey, Donna Summer, The Pointer Sisters, Ringo Star, Steely Dan and Bruce Hornsby ... to name a few.

Michael infuses his knowledge of what makes a successful production into every Jingle Company project, creating national broadcast-quality advertising jingles and musical logos. He stresses quality production and clarity of messaging for large population markets and national commercials. That same standard of excellence is found in jingles he produces for home town markets. Feel free to call Michael with any questions you might have!

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