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"We got immediate results with our jingle from the Jingle Co. via radio advertising."
Margeret, owner
Papio Fun Park


You will have listeners easily remember your name and message.
Using creative melodies, rhythms and background accompaniment, the listener can retain the jingle in their long term memory.



How long can I use the Jingle?

The Jingle packages you get from The Jingle Company are licensed to you for the life of your company. We do offer some time limited licenses for companies that request to lower cost of package and are only going to use the jingle for a limited time.


The Jingle Company writes and produces musical jingles, musical logos and slogan jingles for radio and television advertising. We take care of it all for you. From creating the slogan ideas to recording the back ground music and singers. We edit the national broadcast quality digital recordings to multi versions of 60 second, 30 second, 15 and 10 seconds to compact disc. We also can email via MP3 the versions directly to the stations if needed for last minute commercials. We keep the originals on files for if you need additional copies or if originals get lost.

The Jingle Company is a network of some of the best musicians, singers, writers and producers around. Some of our talent has worked with such artists as Garth Brooks, Reba McIntyre, Sister Sledge, Brittney Spears, Blondie, Donna Summers to name a few. To request a FREE custom jingle demo or our FREE newsletter; or if you have questions and comments regarding The Jingle Company... submit our On Line Contact form

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